Compression Garment Fitting

“Correct fitting and choice of garment is essential”

If your doctor has asked you to wear a compression garment, it is imperative that you are correctly fitted. These garments are expensive, you want the right one the first time. In fact, you will require two garments – one on and one in the wash.

Compression garment

Services – Compression Garment Fitting

My specialty is the Management of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema and I am trained in the fitting of garments. I maintain my registration and keep up to date with the latest trends and research by attending regular training with the different suppliers. Your doctor may advise you that you need to “wear” a garment, for any number of conditions (see the list below). You may have heard this referred to as a “compression stocking” for your leg/s or a “compression sleeve” for your arm/s but as you will see from the list below, garments can be made for every part of your body. Some can be bought “ready to wear” but some need to be custom made.

We’ve all put a flat pack together and decided 2 hours into what was supposed to be a 45 minute job that it would have been a good idea to read the instructions or ask questions. To avoid this situation, have your garment professionally fitted.

You can do without that experience with your garment as they are expensive and required for your health. Avoid the stress and make an appointment to see me for a correct fitting, choice availability and education. This takes about 30 minutes to measure you and extra time behind the scenes to source the right garment and complete the paperwork.

While I can order in any garment you require, this practice holds stock of a range of Sigvaris garments and donning/doffing aids including:

      • diabetic socks
      • travel socks
      • garments for legs and arms
      • class 1 and class 2

Provision of Compression Garments under the Qld Health Scheme

Eligible lymphoedema patients can receive two Queensland Health funded garments every six months, per affected body part under the Queensland Health Guidelines. I am able to measure and fit your Queensland Health funded garments, however, there is a fitting fee of $120. It can take several hours to measure, source your garment, fill in paperwork/followups and finally deliver you with your garment. Check here to see if you are eligible for a Queensland Health funded compression garment.


Individuals are eligible if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Hold a Centrelink Pensioner or Health Care Card
  • Are Medicare eligible
  • Have been assessed as having lymphoedema
  • Are aged over 16 years
  • Are an outpatient

Indications for Use

  • lymphoedema
  • lipoedema
  • oedema
  • venous problems
  • diabetes
  • post-surgery – e.g., liposuction
  • travel
  • lengthy periods of immobility
  • on your feet all day
  • occupational
  • and many more reasons


  • medical history
  • measurement of limb – essential for correct fitting
  • advice on the best garment for your condition as prescribed by your doctor
  • donning and doffing (put on and take off)
  • education on care of garment

Choices and Options

*Not all choices and options will be available for your condition

  • available colours
  • styles
  • compression level
  • maintenance garments
  • ready to wear (off the shelf)
  • custom made

Fittings available for toddlers, teens and adults

Types of Compression Garments

  • Below knee
  • Thigh high
  • Thigh with waistband
  • Tights (two-legged)
  • Tights (one-leg)
  • With foot piece or without
  • Anklets
  • Genital
  • Armsleeve
  • Mittens
  • Glove
  • Bra
  • Vests
  • Abdominal
  • Head and neck






By appointment only

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