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Jacqui, thank you!

Had a Remedial and Lymphatic Massage and was very impressed last Friday. Not only did I have a great benefit and reduction from the lymphatic drainage but the Remedial Massage was one of the best if not THE BEST as it loosened up all my tight muscles and for the first time I did not have sore points all over my back the next day!

Every other Remedial Massage I have had, and I have had lots, my back feels like a football team have run over me. But Saturday I felt relaxed and vitalized. Definitely see you soon!

Marilyn M

Although having health problems lately and trying different things for relief, Jacqui is very accommodating to your health needs and having a massage is the best thing I’ve done so far. She is probably the best massage therapist I have ever been to and will continue to go back. I highly recommend her, she is friendly, professional, she listens to your needs and very easy to get along with!


Had a wonderful massage this morning with a lovely lady.. Thanku Jacqui Beutel..


Had a remedial massage today, absolutely fantastic , my sore back is now feeling great, Jacqui did exactly as I asked, thanks heaps.

Lyn M

Thankyou for a lovely relaxing massage. My first one with Jacqui and I feel great.


I had my competition free massage the other day and it was amazing!!! Felt so comfortable and relaxed..thanks


Thank you Jacqui for helping me manage my pain, and improve my health with remedial massage and manual lymphatic drainage. I would definitely recommend anyone suffering form fibromyalgia to give it a go. Always understanding, professional and accommodating!

Kathlene B

I had a total knee replacement two weeks before I saw Jacqui for a Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Talk about gentle hands, they are gentle hands that work. Jacqui also worked on the soft tissue in my leg that was still sore from the operation and today my leg feels so much easier. The swelling has definitely gone down. My leg doesn’t feel as tight as before the lymphatic drainage. I’ll be back for more next week. Thanks for your help Jacqui

Janice C

I thought massage was all about no pain no gain. That’s until I started seeing Jacqui, I was like if it doesn’t hurt during or after a massage then it doesn’t work. How wrong was I!!! I still love a firm massage but I love it even more without any pain. With each and every visit I noticed more and more improvement. Now my whole family goes to see Jac. I can highly recommend Lymphoedema Therapy, Training and Education to improve the quality of your life.


Everyone should get a massage from Jacqui. She is one of the most dedicated and talented masseurs I know. Not only does she know her craft clinically, but she has an empathy and a connection with her clients that makes you feel totally at ease and left feeling nurtured and cared for..


Lymphoedema Therapy, Training and Education has made a huge difference in my pain levels. I now have movement back in my shoulders and no longer wake at night with shoulder pain. I should’ve seen Jac before I had cortisone injections in them and maybe I might have been able to avoid the injections.

I loved how thorough her first consultation was, ensuring she had all the available facts. The following consults gave me options for different types of massage, dependent upon my pain levels. I will be continuing my sessions and education, yes education. I am learning more about my body and how to help myself as well. Thank you Lymphoedema Therapy, Training and Education !!!!!

Lyn F

A professional experience with care taken to my health and pain that required relieving. Jacqui explained what the process was and what was being achieved. Definitely a great way to relax whilst fixing up some muscle and ligament issues.

John B

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